Charlevoix Historical Society

1892 AS A MEMBER OF THE 1892 LEGAcy SOcIETy yOU cAN BE AN INSPIRATION TO OTHERS There are a number of reasons to consider leaving a legacy gift: 4 your gift ensures the mission of the Historical Society can be carried out for future generations. 4 There is a long standing tradition for kind and thoughtful people to make charitable gifts from their estate. 4 Makes a difference. 4 Sets an example. 4 It just feels good! FOR A ONE-TIME GIFT UPON yOUR PASSING include the Charlevoix Historical Society in your will or trust, or as a bene ciary of your retirement plan. Now, or after your lifetime, gifts may be funded from: 4 Life insurance - name the cHS the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or make the Historical Society the owner of a policy you no longer need. 4 Retirement Plan Assets - include the cHS as a beneficiary. 4 A gift in your will or living trust - can be a specific amount or a percentage of your residuary estate. 4 A charitable lead or remainder trust funded with low basis assets. WITH AN ENDOWMENT yOUR IMPAcT WILL NEVER END A legacy of preservation