A Cloud Over the Land


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A Cloud Over the Land tells the story of the Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and the terroristic event on October 15, 1900 that would change the course of history and their future in Northern Michigan forever.

On October 15, 1900, the Native American village at Burt Lake in Brutus, Michigan, was violently burned to the ground, leaving families homeless and landless. The perpetrators of this crime were a wealthy land developer and the local sheriff.  “A Cloud Over the Land” tells of the events leading up to this tragic day and the timeline of acts that left this thriving village in ruins, and its people stripped of their treaty rights to their ancestral lands.


About the Author: Richard A. Wiles is a former high school American history instructor and a former college research instructor. He is a member of the Michigan Historical Society and the American Association of State & Local History. He is also a proud honorary member of the Burt Lake Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians (Brutus, Michigan). Wiles has written a number of articles concerning the Burt Lake Band. He has also written numerous white papers concerning historical events in northern Michigan and authors a monthly historical series, Tip of the Mitt Journal, which is published by Petoskey’s Greenwood Cemetery.


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