Bolt Tiles: Multiple Charlevoix Scenes


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Acacia Coast Guard Cutter, Apple Festival, Argonne Supper Club, Beaver Island – Picture of 3 Sailboats, Beaver Islander, Bellinger Marine, Belvedere – The Casino, Belvedere 1906 Entrance, Belvedere Yacht Club, Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant, Boulder Park, Charlevoix – Picture of 3 Sailboats, Charlevoix Basketball "Go Team", Charlevoix Area Hospital, Charlevoix Country Club, Charlevoix Public Library (2006-present), Charlevoix Public Library (1960s-2006 library), Chicago Club 1881, Christ Episcopal Church, Dairy Queen, Dockside Press, Emerald Isle., First Congressional Church, Greensky Church, Grey Gables, Hamilton Boat Yard, Harsha House (Charlevoix Historical Society Museum), Horton Bay General Store, Ironton Ferry, John Cross Fisheries, Juilleret's, "July" Picture of 3 Sailboats, Lighthouse, Loeb Castle Farms, Murdick's Fudge, Mushroom House – 103 Grant St. "Mushroom House", Mushroom House – 302 Park Ave. "Half House", Mushroom House – 304 Park Ave. "Sunset Villa", Mushroom House – 310 Park Ave. "Abide", "October" Woman and Man Baking, "October" Front Porch with Halloween D├ęcor, Railroad Bridge, "The day is lost on which one has not laughed", St. Mary's Catholic Church, The Bridge, The Parkside, Train Station, Train Station – 125 Years, U.S. Post Officer (1956), Weathervane Restaurant, World's Largest Cherry Pie


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