Charlevoix the Beautiful: The City on Three Lakes (140 pp.)


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The Charlevoix Historical Society’s (CHS) latest publication—Charlevoix the Beautiful: The City on Three Lakes.   This 142-pp. compact history, utilizing just over 200 black and white images, gives an overview of what makes Charlevoix so unique not only regarding its local and regional history, but also how it made a significant impact on Michigan, the Midwest, and the nation.  Most of the images have never been used in any other format before now.  Charlevoix is described in nine succinct chapters—the early days, our nurturing waters, sail and rail transport, the great hotels, landmarks, Bridge Street, our businesses and industries, summer resort life, and the town’s identification with its master builder in stone, Earl Young and his Mushroom Houses.  For anyone seeking answers to the basic questions that visitors have been asking about Charlevoix for generations, this book is a must. The book was written and compiled by CHS curators David L. Miles and Jacob Thomas.


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