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Please consider adding an additional 3% to your membership to help the Society cover the cost of PayPal and credit card fees. Thank you.

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10 reviews for Family / Couple Membership

  1. Rusty and Pam Carpenter

    Good presentation on Charlevoix hotels.

  2. Maureen Radke

    Excited to see the building improvements moving into 2022. Hope there will be an open house!
    In renewing my Family Membership, please include Richard Brandi,

  3. Keith & Laura Podob

    Thanks for all you do for Charlevoix

  4. Anna Austin

    Great group to donate to.

  5. Anna Austin

    I’m happy I can donate.

  6. Dave & Julie Christiansen (verified owner)

    Thanks for every you do. So wonderful.

  7. Cathy & J.B. Hoyt (verified owner)

    A great way to better understand where Charlevoix came from and why we are what we are today!

  8. Amanda Roeth ( Stolcenburg)

    Looking forward to see the improvements in our beautiful town

  9. Amanda Roeth ( Stolcenburg)

    Thank you for all you do..

  10. Anna Austin (verified owner)

    I’s happy to donate again this year.

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