Mushroom House Man: The Story of Earl A. Young and his Cottages of Stone


Juvenile Nonfiction. 30pp.

Discover the true story of Earl A. Young – an unstoppable creative spirit who transformed boulders from Lake Michigan’s shores into Charlevoix’s extraordinary mushroom houses

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In Mushroom House Man, young readers can discover the true story of Earl Young through author Alice McGinty’s writing and Sharon Smithem’s illustrations. With nature as his teacher and an unstoppable creative spirit, Earl Young transformed the boulders from Lake Michigan’s northern shores into Charlevoix’s fairytale cottages, which are now known and beloved worldwide.

“Alice B. McGinty, the award-winning author of over 50 fiction and nonfiction books for children, loves Charlevoix’s boulders, forests, and sparkling blue lakes. One day, while kayaking on Susan Lake near Charlevoix, Alice met Sharon Smithem. That chance meeting led to a conversation, which led to the realization that Alice was seeking an illustrator for this book and Sharon, a lifelong artist, would love to illustrate it. The rest is history!”


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