The Railroad in Charlevoix (New Expanded Edition – 36 pp.)




This history, in text and photographs, tells of how Charlevoix received its railroad, and what it brought in its wake to transform the increasingly well-known town and its environs into one of the most important commercial and resort centers of Michigan and the Midwest. The recently expanded edition discuses the 125th Anniversary celebration put-on by the Historical Society in 2017 to commemorate the completion of the depot and the arrival of the first train in June of 1892. Also featured is information about the restoration work and the depot’s new coat of historically accurate exterior paint that was completed in the fall of 2018 and six never-before-published historical photographs. 


Compiled by: Steve Goslee, Karen Lewis, David L. Miles and Betsy Reynolds. First publishing: 2009 by the Charlevoix Historical Society, Inc.


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