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“The History of Bridge Street and Harbor of Charlevoix “The Beautiful” Michigan”

Serialized in fifteen installments in the Charlevoix Courier in 1967, Don Campbell’s delightful “History of Bridge Street” as he recollected it from 1897 to 1963 has now been published for the Society by his daughter Julia Anne Bandfield.  Click Here for details.

“Bob Miles’ Charlevoix II”

This beautiful hardbound edition with nearly 500 pages and well over 450 photos and other images, is the second comprehensive history of Charlevoix. Click Here for details.

Guides are available from the Historical Society for tourist groups or buses coming to Charlevoix to see the Earl Young homes or tour the city.  Contact the Society for more information or 231.547.0373.

Also visit the Charlevoix Public Library site…

where you will find three fantastic historical sections: EARL YOUNG – His Life and Legacy – Bolder & Boulder; A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS – Historic Charlevoix Compiled & Narrated by Bob Miles, Photographer & Historian; and the ROSA NETTLETON BOOK – The Highlights of Charlevoix History – 1869 to 1906 – from the Charlevoix Sentinel.  

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